Portfolio Assignment

Cover of The RunawaysYour portfolio assignment is a way for you to reflect on what you have learned this semester.  Your draft is due on Thursday, April 28.  Your final draft is due on Thursday, May 5 at midnight.  I will return work electronically.  Everyone will receive their graded assignments within a week but not at the same time.  I will return them as I grade them and I will grade them in the order that they reach my inbox at: hidalgoatpurdue@gmail.com.

Your portfolio must contain the following:

At least two of your three projects.

Your portfolio reflective letter.  In your reflective letter you will do the following:

1.  Thoroughly define two of the concepts we have discussed in class this semester:



A well-supported, clear thesis

Audience awareness

Visual rhetoric

Language and tone

Use of valid sources

Integration of quotations

MLA citation

For your definitions you can draw from your notes, from class discussions (refer to the ways in which we discussed the concepts and how they relate to the texts we read/watched), from our class textbook and from the Purdue OWL.  For Compose Design Advocate and for the OWL, you should use MLA when citing them.

2. For each of the two concepts selected, you will explain how you have applied them in your projects, which if needed, will be revised to make those concepts work better.  When you are referring to the concepts you will cite them as you would any other source, by providing the title of the source as well as the page number.  For websites, use the name of the tab of that particular page, as well as the paragraph number if applicable.  You must address two projects per concept, so for example, you can’t take all three of your visual rhetoric examples from your website.

3. You will select a color for each of the two concepts and change the font color of the title of that portion of your reflective essay to match it (please do not use yellow).  You will then highlight or change the font color of the portions of the projects you are referring to to that same color (do not do this when dealing with your website).  You need a minimum of three examples per concept.

Your final product should be between 900 – 1500 words (3 – 5 pages).